| the past is history, the future is victory !

Watching football can be the most frustrating and emotional thing ever, but nothing can compare to the feeling of when your team scores. Feelings that can't physically be explained. — white blood till i die.

I'm Laura, a girl of eighteen y'o, from France. Football ruins my life everyday. Most of the time, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund make my life better but sometimes, they make it worst. Portugal NT makes me cry a river all of the time. Julian Draxler, Álvaro Morata, Isco Alarcón and Gonzalo Higuaín are my favorites. previously thedraxler.

You're all fantastISCOs ♥

The Reus to my Götze. ♥
The Higuain to my Callejon. ♥

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the past is history, the future is victory !

I’m so edgy. Good night.


  • antoine griezmann: *says he's been following Los Blancos since childhood*
  • antoine griezmann: *goes to Atletico Madrid*

merci de venir me casser le moral une nouvelle fois (y)

Ahhh c’est génial ca! :)

 ohh-my-fernando  asked:
 I'll try :) Laura/ - / 18/ female/ straight/ French / in relationship/ Isco/ transfer window/ you like Isco :)

YEAAAAAAAH this is good aha 

You’re so lovely! 

 the-fourcade  asked:
 first name: Laura, nickname: lau (?), Age: 18 ✌️, gender: female, sexual orientation: straight, Nationality: french (half french half portuguese), Relationship status: uuuugh single ? (j'ai un gros doute là,), likes: german, Real Madrid, Isco Alarcon, Erik Durm, Portugal nt, Germany nt, football in general, sport in general, dislikes: FC Barcelone, CR7 haters (?) spanish, Random fact: born on july 10th, lives in Nantes, is my poulette, gonna see a RM match live soon (so many things to say)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, you know everything about me :ooooo except the fact that I’m not single (but we really don’t care! :D) Nan mais c’est un truuuc de fouuuuuu :o

Trop mignonne ♥♥

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