| the past is history, the future is victory !

Watching football can be the most frustrating and emotional thing ever, but nothing can compare to the feeling of when your team scores. Feelings that can't physically be explained. — white blood till i die.

I'm Laura, a girl of eighteen y'o, from France. Football ruins my life everyday. Most of the time, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund make my life better but sometimes, they make it worst. Portugal NT makes me cry a river all of the time. Julian Draxler, Álvaro Morata, Isco Alarcón and Gonzalo Higuaín are my favorites. previously thedraxler.

You're all fantastISCOs ♥

The Reus to my Götze. ♥
The Higuain to my Callejon. ♥

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the past is history, the future is victory !


so, it was my last with you before September 17-18th (if i come back).

so enjoy your time here, live your life and hala madrid and bvb!

(i’ll miss you btw) see you soon or not


20 facts about me.

was tagged by andreeacr7 <33

  1. football is my life
  2. tumblr and football fandom are my families
  3. i hate xabi alonso
  4. i hate real madrid
  5. and florentino perez too
  6. i hate paris bc they won 5-0 against saint-etienne
  7. btw, i hate football
  8. i’ve brown hair
  9. and brown eyes
  10. i’m afraid for thursday
  11. i’ve the best boyfriend in the world
  12. i want to return to the wc
  13. i’m hungry
  14. this is my favorite number
  15. i
  16. love
  17. you
  18. so
  19. much
  20. bye

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What got you into football?probably the wc06

Who is your favourite footballer player based on skill? gonzalo gerardo higuaiiiiiin

Who is your favourite football player based on looks? erik durm..

If you could play for any team, who would you play for? real madrid, obviously

What would you do if you saw your favourite footballer in front of you ? smiling like an idiot and let him go x)

Who is the best footballer ever? cristiano ronaldo, do you know this name?

Who is your favourite goalkeeper? iker casillaaas (but i love pepe reina too)

What NT and FC do you support? portugal nt, real madrid and bvb

If you could add five of your favourite players in your favourite nt/fc who would it be? gonzalo higuain, joão moutinho, mario götze, paul pogba and jack wilshere

Do you like any other sport? tennis, swimming, cycling, athletics……..

so i tagged bastian-casillas-fussballgott, rodriguezass, damnitdurm :)

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Name: Laura

Birthday: 10th of July
Favourite number: 14
Height: 169 cm 
Talents: no one
Can you juggle: no
Arts/sports/both: SPORTS
Do you like writing: no
Do you like dancing: yes yes yesssss
Singing: yes


Dream vacation: Portugal
Dream guy/gal: my actual boyfriend
Dream wedding: no wedding
Dream pet: a little cat :(
Dream job: Physiotherapist


Favourite song: cry me a river - justin timberlake
Favourite album: x - ed sheeran or night vision - imagine dragons
Last song you’ve heard on the radio: summer - calvin harris
Least favourite song: happy - pharrell williams
Least favourite album: don’t know

Least favourite artist: rihanna


Guys/girls/both: Boys
Hair Colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Humorous/serious:  humorous
Taller/shorter: taller
Biggest turn off:  rude, bitchy
Biggest turn on: tattoos, like football

nomineeeeees —-> xavidodgers, cris-runs-the-world and mathieudebootay

Hand writing challenge (doing it now, bc i couldn’t do it after). Thank you cuteinhos and everything-is-chelsea ❤️

My nominees are andreeacr7, princess-lukita and jackiewilshere :)




My lady is back again *___*

It’s just because my brother is gone on vacation today, so I shifted my departure to hospital tomorrow :/


It’s all florentino fault that fucking fagg!

 Anonyme  asked:
 Oh I'm sorry I thought you were living for that, I only wanted you to stay..

No problem noni. ;)

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